GRATEFUL and THRILLED to announce that my fiancé Pierre Jean Gonzalez and I are CO-PRODUCERS for the Broadway-bound revival of THE WIZ!!!!

This moment is bigger than us. This moment is about our families, our ancestors, our communities. Those who have stood by us, believed in us. The countless teachers, mentors and collaborators. We share this momentous occasion with all of you and we especially hope that our representation in the room inspires and encourages other Latiné and LGBTQIA young people to believe that they too can have a seat at the table.

HUGE shout out and deep appreciation to the legendary Mike Isaacson who created this opportunity for us. Thank you to Rashad Chambers for mentoring us and helping us believe that this was possible. Mike Mosallam aka Habibi, thank you for your guidance! To God, our family, our DominiRican Productions familia, thank you for showering us with so much love and undying support. This moment would not have been possible without Crista, Kevin, Joan, Kristi, Jonathan, Dori and Deon’te. We love you, we thank you and we are excited to embark on this journey with you.

Gonzalez-Leiba Jr, Co-Producers of THE WIZ!

Para Dios
Para la familia
Para los ancestros
Para Puerto Rico
Para la República Dominicana
Para la comunidad LGBTQ+

For more information about the tour leading to Broadway 2024, click here!