HIP-HOP celebrates 50 years and Cedric had the honor of re-creating the stories of how AFRICAN AMERICAN and PUERTO RICANS came together in the South Bronx to birth one of the greatest musical genres in history! Narrated by the great CHUCK D, “CAN YOU DIG IT?” is now available on Audible! Click here to listen!

“Creatively told through immersive scripted recreations and observational commentary, CAN YOU DIG IT? takes us on a sonic journey back to the historic Hoe Avenue gang peace treaty of 1971 in the South Bronx. Distinguished luminaries, prominent cultural figures, exclusive discussions and cinematic sequences explore this rarely told story of how a heroic effort to broker peace in New York City- by South Bronx gang, The Ghetto Brothers- sowed the seed for HIP-HOP culture to be born.”